The purpose of Eta Kappa Nu is to promote excellence in the profession and in education through an emphasis on scholarship, character, and attitude. To be eligible for initiation in the Beta Mu Chapter you must meet one of the following criteria
  • Be a junior by credit hours with a 3.5 GPA or higher
  • Be a senior by credit hours with a 3.4 GPA or higher
  • Be a graduate student in good standing


Eligible students will receive an email about a month after the start of each fall and spring semester. You will be asked to attend an info session and fill out a form online. Once you submit the form, you are considered an initiate, and you will become a full, lifetime member after completing the following requirements.
  • Obtain signatures from 6 officers (See Spring 2021 Office Hours Below)
  • Attend the lab supply packaging party (Optional Spring 2021)
  • Complete one service event (at least 2 hours)
  • Pay one-time dues ($100 to pay for your lifetime membership and your banquet dinner)
  • Invite one professor to the initiation banquet
  • Attend the initiation banquet

Spring 2021 Office Hours Update

Get to meet the HKN officers and learn more about them and their involvement with the organization! All officer signatures will be done online due to COVID. When you attend or in-person event and virtual office hours, we ask that you introduce yourself and then follow up with the officer through email with your signature sheet attached. The officer will then electronically sign the document and email it back to you. Virtual office hours can be found on the calendar page. Spring 2021 Office Hours will begin on March 1st.

Initiation Packet

Initiation Powerpoint